10 Items Every Mechanic Shop Needs

Some must-have tools for every mechanic


If you are a mechanic, you know that it can be hard work. You are moving and lifting all day long in order to get the cars fixed so that your customers can be satisfied. There are certain objects, however, that are made to make your job a little easier such as those found below.

1. Wrenches

You may just be using the spare wrenches that you already own in your shop. Consider investing in a wrench set, however, in which you can store all the sizes in one place. No matter what you are loosening or tightening, you will have a wrench that works.

2. Floor Jacks

It is true that most cars come with a jack. This jack is probably not stable enough to do the basic work that you need to do, so invest in at least two for the floor, especially if you do not have a lift.

3. Rolling Shop Stool

Since you are on your feet all day, a rolling shop stool can aid your pain. Use this stool to move easily between jobs where you can remain at eye level with the cars. The stool is also able to be adjusted in height so that you can have it right where you want it to be.

4. Ramps

If you do not have a lift in your shop, you do need to invest in a good pair of ramps as well. These will help you get under the engine of the car in a way that you can feel safe.

5. Creeper

Though the rolling stool is great for when you are at eye level with the car, a creeper is great for under the car. It can help you support your back and give you comfort while rolling in and out from under the car.

6. Air Compressor

An air compressor can do so much more than just fill up a tire. Try to consider a portable air compressor so you can move it between cars to do a wide variety of air tool-related tasks.

7. Multimeter

A multimeter can help you to understand any electrical issues that a car you are working on may be facing. Make sure that it measures both voltage and resistance so that you can get the proper reading to get a proper diagnosis before it costs you.

8. Wrecking Bar

If you are dealing with a stuck part, you will need a wrecking bar to break it loose. Make sure that you get one that has a good grip on it though so that you do not hurt yourself or make any cosmetic damages to the car.

9. Rolling Tool Case

It is so important to have a rolling tool case with you at your mechanic shop. This case can move with you between jobs so that you always have your most essential tools on hand without having to walk back and forth.

10. Brake Bleeder

Some of the most common jobs that you may get at your mechanic shop have to do with the brakes. You have to bleed the brakes, and that can take all day. To avoid that, invest in a brake bleeder that has a large enough reservoir to store the fluids.

Final Thoughts

Mechanic work is fun work for most, though there are many tools that you need to be effective. Use those above to help give you comfort and to help bring you more productivity at your workplace. This will help you to take in more customers so that you can make more money.


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