Acting Prime Minister Colm Imbert waits for a piece of pumpkin as members of the PNM general council, of which he is chairman, relax after a meeting at Hambug Hallows, Toco yesterday. PHOTOS BY ROGER JACOB

With a local government election constitutionally due this year, the People’s National Movement (PNM) is putting its house in order.

Vice-chairman Robert Le Hunte yesterday said the party is continuing its modernisation drive to better serve its faithful.

Speaking after the party’s general council meeting at Hambug Hollows, Toco, Le Hunte said social media officer Avinash Singh has implemented a new policy to enhance the PNM’s presence online. He said the party’s website has also been modernised to make it more interactive and user-friendly.

Le Hunte said work also was done on putting patents on some of the branding within the PNM “all in keeping with the process of modernising the party and connecting us more with our membership as we try to deepen our relationship with our members and provide more service to our members as a party.”

Le Hunte, who is also public utilities minister, said a highlight of the meeting was the induction of three members of the Siparia constituency to the party’s general council.

“Siparia was brought into a full constituency,” he said.

“They had their elections. They had about 125 members present and the three members were elected to our general council and they actually took their seat in general council. So, on this general council, we now have representation from all over the country in our constituencies.”

PNM general secretary Foster Cummings said the party is also modernising its membership application process.

“We have launched a new database to allow volunteers and supporters to go online and apply for membership, to accept membership views online and to make the party more accessible to all the members so as to strengthen our constituencies, during the general scheme of things, and also for election purposes,” he said.

Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat said the PNM was truly a national party.

Recalling the party held its family day in Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas, last year, he said the PNM has also planned to go to Moruga, on Saturday, ahead of the Shouter Baptist Liberation Day observance on March 30.

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