Baked Comfort Food's Penguin Cupcakes
Baked Comfort Food's Penguin Cupcakes

My mother is a big fan of penguins, she was obviously most enthusiastic about these penguin cupcakes. Something that I can understand very well.  Are they just the cutest things to literally eat?

The basis for a penguin cupcake is easy to make.  After making them, you can design it as crazy as you want.  The ones I made, I gave a pair a sweet bow.  Are they even more fun?   Don’t worry about the decoration of the penguins!  At Baked Comfort Food you will find more cupcake recipes.  Check out the one I use for the Penguin Cupcake.

Supplies for Penguin Cupcake Design:

  • Cupcakes (use this recipe for example )
  • Fondant: white, black, light blue, orange and red
  • Cutouts: round and heart
  • Ball tool
  • Knife
  • Edible glue

Step 1

Line the cupcakes with a white base. On Handige Baktips you will find fine tips to do this as tight as possible, so make your cupcakes the most beautiful.

Step 2

Put a black circle in the same size as you did for the white fondant. With a heart-shaped cutter you can insert a heart from the black circle as shown in the picture. Place the black fondant on the cupcake.

Step 3

With a ball tool you make two dents for the eyes. You make the eyes of small balls of blue, black and white fondant. Look here for a clear and complete how to.

Step 4

Make orange fondant a small beak. Form a ball into a triangle and press it a little flatter. Stick the beak onto the cupcake. Finish the beak by pressing the sides a little flatter with a knife. Now it seems as if the beak is a bit open. Make two ‘nostrils’ with a stick.

Step 5

Do you want to give the penguins a nice bow? You can easily make this from fondant yourself. Form two balls of equal size into cones and make a notch from the narrow side with a knife. Place them against each other and press a smaller ball of fondant. Attach the bow to the cupcakes.

Step 6

I gave the females a red bow on their heads. You could also give the males a nice bow tie, that makes it complete

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