It is unfortunate that R. Kelly is now speaking out for the first time about the allegations against him after years of speculations about misconduct.  The singer was dropped from his label, concerts cancelled and streaming services stop playing his music.  The campaign to mute R. Kelly is in effect and has proven to be a challenge for the singer.

The interview will air on CBS where Gayle King will address the allegation and give R. Kelly the opportunity to set the record straight. It seems like it will be another primetime event that will draw in more ratings.  The fact is, people already made up their minds about him, so whatever he says now will fall on deaf ear.  The singer is facing 10 felony charges and many years in prison if he is convicted.

There are times when we have to look at the actions of people with open eyes, regardless if they use the law to their advantage and subvert convictions. Being found not guilty at times, don’t mean people are always innocent of what they are accused of.  The justice system is flawed and people with resources can use that to manipulate situations in their favor.  I suspect this is what happen in the first case against the singer.

If there were videos of you committing a crime and people who knows you recognize you, can you say they are lying and that is not you? Also if the individual with you in the video say it wasn’t them either, could you be convicted with just circumstantial evidence?  The answer is no. If the “victim” refused to cooperate with prosecutors then the case must be thrown out.

That is exactly what happen in the first trial, hence the reason he was acquitted of all charges.  The question now is, why is he doing this interview after years of silence? Does he believe this will somehow the public will see things from his perspective and sympathize with him?  He claims many people could be caught up like this and Gayle King corrected him by saying, not many people find themselves in situations like this.

Truthfully, I doubt it will change the perception of him.  Also his team thought dressing him up in a suit will allow him to have a positive image.  In fact it only allow us to see that by doing so, they are attempting to manipulate public perception. This will not work. No matter how much he cries on camera and appears emotional, it will not negate the fact that he was caught on camera in a compromising situation with underage girls. He is not a victim. Everything that happens to him now is directly caused by his years of hidden actions. He is no Martin Luther King Jr., no Malcolm X, no Marcus Garvey nor a Barrack Obama. R. Kelly must do some self reflection and acknowledge the errors for the decisions he made in his personal life.

Using the media in an attempt to change public perception may work for some, but it will not work for him. What do you think?  Will this interview make your change your mind about R. Kelly?  Share your thoughts down in the comment section.

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