Beyond sex trafficking, slavery can be found at the bottom of numerous global supply chains. Around the world, slavery grips a sub-class of humanity and violently transforms their poverty, suffering, and powerlessness into the delightful things we consume every day — from the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, to the phones in our pockets, to the bodies we abuse.

If the allegations against Mr. Kraft are true, he is but one of the millions of men around the world who purchase female bodies for sex every day. That said, the acute asymmetry between his wealth and power and the powerlessness of the women he is allegedly purchased puts the reality of slavery in sharp focus — money and power have throughout history allowed people to violate the dignity of the poor and vulnerable with impunity. Until this reality changes, slavery will persist.

Society must raise the cost of slavery

To that end, the authorities in Florida must be commended for the extensive investigation that led to the bust of a multi-national human trafficking ring. They must further be commended for charging Kraft based on the evidence they gathered. The true test, however, will be what happens next? If the allegations are proved, to what extent will Kraft be held to account?

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