Living in The Age of Idiocracy Under Trump


Modern society is plagued with people who believe everything they are told. The source of knowledge today has been reduced to what is seen on social media, visual and audio commentary from political pundits or politicians. It has become difficult to decipher facts from fiction through the chaos of available content. Nowadays, people peddle fake issues to boost their agenda even when they are confronted with insurmountable truths. Truth is now false and those who live, work and investigate in search of the truth is being attacked. This sense of undevoted loyalty to one version of reality is a clear example of what should be considered living in the age of idiocracy.


The 2006 movie was a preminition to the reality we now live in. People are making up truths and staking claims that are false without consequences. In our current society, most people value and reward those who lacks intelligence. Because people willfully lost the ability to evaluate issues and make rationalized decisions base on facts, we end up with people like Trump in office and Britian exiting the EU (Brexit). There are history of people making false statements to incite support for their agendas. Donald Trump has been doing this all his life. He will sell any lie for his personal gain and he did so prior to and since he became president.

Even though it was refuted by multiple sources, Trump claimed he watched Muslims celebriting in New Jersey after one of the planes hit the twin towers during 9/11. Trump made up the story to get attention and relevance on television. During the 2008 election people claim they wouldn’t vote for Obama because they heard he is a known terrorist. During the Obama administration, Donald Trump claimed to have evidence of fraud base on what investigators he sent to Hawaii have found regarding Obama’s birth certificate. He never sent anyone to Hawaii, Trump made up the story. During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump made up unfounded claims about his opponents to win support and votes from people he claimed were uneducation. As President, Donald Trump claimed during the transition, President Obama told him that his administration would have gone to war with North Korea.

A recent Democratic presidential candidate acknowledge that he is a vegan during an interview. Commentators on Fox News reported that the candidate is proposing to stop meat production and force everyone to become vegans. Obviously their version is fabricated but it was done to create outrage and as a result voters tuned out the candidate in support of Trump. The peoples attraction to Trump is solely on the fact that he speaks and act like them and he is a self made billionaire. But that is also a made up story.

It is hard to fathom, but somehow people are willing to sacrifice integrity, intelligence and their ability to present facts for the sake of constant public attention aka ratings. The negative media knows that we now live in a society of bandwagonists who jumps from one issue to the next. These con artists thrive on manipulating the public by editing statements to make them fit the agenda that will prolong public ignorance and outrage. Those who are succeptible to manipulation will fall for it, while those who don’t, ends up fighting to fix the damage done by irresponsible people. It is inconceivable that the Fox News slogan is ‘Fair and Balanced” and the President always proclaims “Believe me” when they are the biggest peddlers of lies.

Today elected officials makes repeated bad decisions, resulting in worsening conditions for the country. They were elected through the unfortunate situation where the vote of a person ignorant of even the most basic of facts surrounding an issue or candidate counts exactly as much as the vote of someone who is well-unformed about the specific issue or candidate. A leader who cannot form profound thought about public policies iniatited by the governing body should be of concern to the country. Enabling individuals who neither have the will nor the ability to learn and form meaningful responses about policies they advocate on behalf of, should be of concern not just to Democrats or Replublicans, but to the country as a whole.

Because we are unwilling to acknowledge the root issue facing the country, we now live in a society that rewards bad behavior and as a result, violence and the rule of law has become more artibrary. This is why when faced with reality, we then see idiocracy in action, where stupid people slowly outbred intelligent people, and as a result we end up with a world ran by morons.


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Timothy Douglas
Timothy is a staff writer for FiWEH Life, providing commentaries on various topics relating to the Caribbean diaspora with the popular blog "Labba Mout". Timothy has been with FiWEH Life from the very beginning and continues to provide his commentaries on emerging issues.
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