Tamie’s Vegan Restaurant in American Village, Okinawa, Japan


When you don’t eat meat, there are times when you will have the craving for it, but you know that you shouldn’t.  I was watching a program on television a few nights back and it listed the top 10 diners across America.  One that caught my attention with a Vegan restaurant in Chicago.  Everything that was made there had the flavor and texture of some of your most popular meat dishes.  That lead me to wonder, are there any vegan restaurants close to where I live?

My wife and I were on the way to a yogurt shop to get our sunday evening treat,  but we were diverted to the small vegan restaurant called Tamie’s that was next door.   The restaurant is located in Chatan and it opened in 2014 by a macrobiotic chef and re-opened Sep 2017.   There is a variety of food range, from raw vegan desserts and burgers to curry and vegan sushi.  I definitely wanted to try the burger.

I ordered a fish burger with fries because you cannot go wrong with a little vegan version of fish. I also got an order of Fish and Chips in case the burger was small and I was still hungry. I know, greedy Jamaican.

To be honest, I am not a fan of certain vegan food because it lacks flavor, but this burger had everything you get from a fish burger.  The vegetables, sauce and off-course the mouth watering burger.  It was every delicious.  And because of that instead of going to the yogurt shop for dessert, I decided to stay the vegan course and end it with a nice raw chocolate cake and soy ice cream.

Overall, the experience was great and I now have a spot to get my vegan burgers. For those who fear losing the delicious flavors of a beef burger, there are vegan alternatives, just take the time to try it.

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