Early Man


I went to see Early Man because I’m a fan of Nick Park. Wallace and Gromit was my childhood and I absolutely loved the Shaun the Sheep movie, film making at its best. Well you can imagine my disappointment at a movie that doesn’t even come close to the standard of Wallace and Gromit. I understand this film isn’t exactly aimed at my age group but if a 25 year old can enjoy Shaun the Sheep or Coco then there’s no excuse for Early Man.

The Bronze Age Vs The Stone Age in a game of football because the Stone Age were perfectly happy living in their little valley all quiet and content hunting rabbits and such, then the Bronze Age come along in their big bronze machines and fancy clothes, see all the potential to mine bronze in the little valley and boot out the Stone Age people cause it’s their land now and there’s nothing no one can do cause they’re the Bronze Age and obviously the superior race. Well the Stone Age led by Eddie Redmayne aren’t having any of this and challenge the Bronze Age to a game of football cause it’s a movie about football and who’s to say they didn’t play football back then. It could happen. Well I never really bought into the idea of this film and there lies problem one. All the other problems just kept on coming. Lazy writing and it’s not funny, honestly this doesn’t feel like Aardman, the attempts at jokes, particularly the slapstick humor has been put in the trailer as the selling point so don’t expect anything more than what you’ve seen in the trailer. Oh how can I trash a kids movie so harshly. How terrible am I? Rebecca you’re so heartless, well spoiler alert I don’t have a heart. Do you know what else doesn’t have a heart? This movie. Sorry Aardman Animations you let me down. I’m not going to be nice just because it’s a movie aimed at children. A good kids movie should have something adults can enjoy too. If you’re looking for a good animation to watch in the coming weeks unless you’re bringing young children then avoid this and see Coco instead. There’s no comparison. Not recommended. The 4/10 is for the animation alone, as much as I didn’t like Early Man I can’t fault the animation.

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