Best Outdoor Adventures To Try During Spring

When the spring season starts, the weather turns pleasant for the first time in months. You can embrace this change by embarking on an exciting outdoor adventure.


 No matter what you like to do or where you want to go, it's easy to find an activity you enjoy. Certain outdoor attractions and adventures are ideal for the spring season.

Anzo Borrego Desert

Spring is the perfect time of year to visit attractions you wouldn't during the summer, with one of them being the Anzo Borrego Desert. Located in California, you'll find this desert is 150 miles out of L.A. Its wildflower display is a sight you won't soon forget. You'll see flowers that aren't typically found easily, including desert chicory and lilies, as well as parish poppies. The two best ways to see the display are seeing it as part of a group hike or taking the self-guided tour.

Yosemite National Park

There is a reason why Yosemite National Park is such a popular attraction. When you visit during the spring, you'll get to see Yosemite Falls and the Bridalveil Falls; for more waterfalls, make your way over to Hetchy Hetchy, a valley that features the Tueeulala and Wapama Falls. You can also go hiking along the John Muir Trail, where you'll see Nevada and Vernal Falls.

While you are in California anyway, spring is a great time to go on a whitewater rafting adventure. The Sierras provide a beautiful backdrop for this activity. By booking American River Rafting for a whitewater rafting class, you'll be able to enjoy a unique outdoor experience that takes you through the river's North, Middle, and South Fork. If you've never tried it before, beginner classes are the perfect choice for you. But if you've been white water rafting, you'll consider the intermediate course a real treat.

Amsterdam Flower Route

If you're able and willing to venture outside the U.S. for an outdoor spring adventure, Amsterdam is another excellent place to visit for beautiful scenery. Amsterdam's famous Flower Route is the perfect springtime attraction because this is when the flowers are in bloom. Specifically, the middle of April and the beginning of May is the best time to visit.

For this attraction, you'll want to acquire a bike and come out for a ride. One bike trip you can take starts just outside of Amsterdam and takes you through the Keukenhof Garden. The Amsterdam Flower Route (also known as Bloemen Route) has a lot to offer, including an unforgettable view of the countryside. The Bloemen Route is said to be less packed with tourists than Keukenhof Garden generally is.

Pilgrimage Trail

If Amsterdam isn't for you, consider seeing France and Spain while you hike the Pilgrimage Trail. Its made up of numerous trails collectively referred to as Camino de Santiago. This hike isn't for anyone, but if you aren't afraid to tackle it, you'll be rewarded with views of historic buildings constructed by an architect named Antoni Gaudi, as well as Galacia's many breathtaking hills. While the Pilgrimage Trail spans 500 miles, if hiking isn't appealing to you, it is also possible to navigate the trail on a bike.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

If hiking and beautiful landscapes sound appealing to you, then make it a point to visit the Great Smoky Mountains, National Park. Every April, the park is the Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage festival site, which draws equal amounts of locals and tourists. But a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains isn't complete without hiking the Cove Hardwood Natural Trail. You can embark on a self-guided tour that features beautiful wildflowers. At three-quarters of a mile, the trail is just long enough to enjoy without leaving you exhausted.

Moab, Utah

When you think about outdoor adventures, Utah may not come to mind right away. But the truth is that it's an excellent place for mountain bikers, though it also supports running and biking along the Slickrock Trail.

Especially if you're the type to stay home in the winter, you owe it to yourself to embark on a spring outdoor adventure. No matter where you go, you will likely find something that reminds you of the beauty in the world.

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