5 Essentials You Can’t Forget to Pack on Your Next Trip

Take the time to pack your items ahead of time so that you don't rush the project and miss some of the most important items for a successful trip.


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You need to have essential items with you, whether you're going on a business trip, camping adventure, or overnight stay at a hotel in a new area. The following are five essential items that you should not forget to take with you on your next trip.

The rest of the items in your list should be well-thought-out items that you wrote down on a list to ensure that you gathered everything you needed. Take the time to pack your items ahead of time so that you don't rush the project and miss some of the most important items for a successful trip. You should start packing at least a week before your trip date to give yourself enough time to gather things that you may be missing. Research traveling tips to get more information on items that can be helpful to you when you go away on a trip.

Pack Right for Your Next Big Trip

Make sure you pack right for your next trip by gathering the items we mentioned. You'll think of additional things to take with you, but these items are ones that you should never forget. Have fun on your journey and don't forget to pack everything you need.

  1. 1 Illness Prevention Items

    Given the current state of the country, you'll need to be very careful if you're traveling. Be sure to have an illness prevention kit with you at all times when you travel. Illness prevention kit items should include disposable gloves, a mask, and a bottle of hand sanitizer. You can find hand sanitizer in most places these days for an affordable price. Look in places such as corner stores, dollar stores, gas stations, and even department stores. You'll find enough to put away and take with you on your trip.

  2. 2 First Aid Kit

    A first aid kit is also something that you should have with you at all times. You never know when you might suffer a superficial wound that you'll need to tend to. Having the right elements to handle it close by is the only smart way to travel. Your first aid kit should include gauze pads, band-aids, and antibacterial or antimicrobial cream. Those are the essentials of a first aid kit. You can always add more to your kit if you feel more comfortable having an extensive inventory.

  3. 3 A Good Knife

    You'll also need to think about defending yourself when you get ready to go on a trip. Unfortunately, crime is on the rise during these hard economic times. Therefore, you'll need to have something on yourself to protect you if it ever comes down to it. You could consider buying something like a taser, knife, or gun. You could also consider purchasing something like a can of mace or pepper spray. It all depends on where you stand legally and what you're comfortable taking with you. The best knives for men are available on popular websites. Make sure you read the laws of your state and the regulations in the place you're traveling to before you fill up your travel bag with any of the items mentioned above.

  4. 4 Extra Mobile Phone Battery

    You never know when you might have a breakdown in a car while you're on a trip. You could even suffer a breakdown in a rental car. What you can do about that is to better prepare yourself just in case something like that happens. Buy an extra battery for your smartphone just in case you run out of battery life and have no means to charge it because your car broke down. You may thank yourself for doing that one day.

  5. 5 Money Belt

    It's wise to hide your cash when you're on a trip in a strange new area. You may want to invest some of the money you have into something you can use to do that. You can choose from an array of money belts, small wallets, and hideaway accessories so that you'll always feel safe in a new area. These items are usually not costly, and they can protect you from becoming a target to someone who might come after you if he or she sees your cash.


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