BUILD Series: Does it feel good to have finished your time with the Avengers?

Anthony Mackie: I felt like I wish I had ended in a better way.

BUILD Series: No chance we’re going to be seeing you again?

Anthony Mackie: No, because — spoiler alert, we all disappeared. Like, we evaporated, Thanos turned us into dust. … So, you know, I wish I had died a better way than turning to dirt. I feel like everybody who has died had this cool death scene. We were on set, and I’m laying down in the mud and it’s cold, and the Russo Brothers are like, ‘You’re disintegrating, think about, you’re leaving Earth, what would you say?’ And I’m like ‘Cap?’ … dust. Those are my last words? I felt like it could’ve been better, for me. […] I wish I was running and like Scarlett Johanasson was there and I jump on her and take a bullet and she cries and I’m laying there. And I say ‘I did it for you’ and she’s like ‘You were always my favorite.’ And then you take the crane and you pan out and she passionately kisses me…

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