Shottas Sequel Is In The Works. Is The Rumors True?

There are rumors circulating that the 2002 cult classic Shottas sequel is in the works and the main cast may be returning.

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Insiders are reporting that the much anticipated sequel to the cult classic Shottas is in the works.  Reports are that Spragga Benz who played one of the main characters in the gangsta flick is confirming that the the script for the sequel is ready.  Fans have been waiting for a sequel for many years and this is welcoming news.

Shottas was written and directed by Cess Silvera and released in 2002.  It became a cult classic after a bootleg version of the unfinished film was leaked.  Since its official release, the film garnered a cult following similar to that of Al Pacino’s Scarface.  Reports are that Richie Effs of Zip 103FM a Jamaican radio station and Micheal Wekerle are  involved the sequel.  Richie Effs worked on the original film with Director Cess Silvera.  The Canadian television personality Wekerle is a Canadian television personality known for his work on the Shark Tank inspired series Dragons’ Den and the 2019 animated series Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series.

Shottas was filmed in Jamaica and Miami and included the star-studded cast of Paul Campbell as “Mad Max,” the late Louie Rankin as “Teddy Bruck Shut,” Macka Diamond, Agent Sasco formerly Assassin as “Blacka”, Wyclef Jean as “Richie Effs,” DJ Khaled as “Richie’s henchman,” Flippa Mafia as “John John,” “Spragga Benz as “Wayne,” and Marley as “Biggs.”

So is there any truth to the rumors?  Well, Spragga recently confirmed via Instagram that he currently has a “fifty-seven page script” for the sequel.  So yep, that is a sign it may be a possibility.   As for the main cast, Kymani Marleys’s character Biggs was the only one left standing at the end of the film while Wayne was presumed dead and Mad Max was left at the doors of an hospital.  So could we speculate that Wayne did not die in the shoot out and somehow recovered?

The writer could bring in a whole new group of shottas with the cast being rounded out with the actors from the U.K. who starred in their own cult classic The Intent and the Intent 2.  Biggs could possibly moved to the U.K. to escape with the money he got from Teddy Brukshut.  He happens to run into Wayne and they starts to reminisce about the good old days.  Things seem to be going normal until their new life got disrupted when they  got pulled in a situation where they had to return to their old shotta ways.   They also learnt that Mad Max was still alive and living a yard after being deported, so using they new connections they send for him to rebuilt their crew.

There are so many ways the story can go, but we will ultimately find out when they finally make the film. Look out for more news about the sequel right here.

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