Blame Trump For The Shutdown

President Donald J. Trump

As Americans watch nervously has the Democrats and Republicans failed to avert a government shutdown, the question is now looming, who should be blamed for the shutdown that will affect hundreds of thousands of federal workers and government programs?

Donald Trump claims that he does not support a government shutdown because it will affect the military, but in fact, the shutdown does not affect defense spending.  His statement is another example of the little he knows about the policies and agencies he was elected to govern.  In 2013, he supported a government shutdown during the Obama Administration, stating

Trump also assumed that the American people would blame President Obama for the shutdown.

So by his own logic, being the president Donald Trump should be blamed for the government shutdown.  The democrats are attempting to protect the 800,000 Dreamers but the president wants funding for the border wall.  Donald Trump may get his wish but instead of a Republican majority, it may be the opposite.

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