Now he’s doing a press run for his new LP and sat down with Hot 97’s Nessa to speak about things going on in his life. When the topic of settling down into a relationship was brought up, the Atlanta rapper made an interesting point about why he doesn’t see himself getting back with one of his baby’s mothers.

“Yeah I wanna settle down with the right woman. She gotta be the right woman at the right time,” he said. “People be like ‘Why don’t you get with your baby mothers you got six to choose from, why won’t you choose one of them?’ If I choose one the others are gonna get mad. Whoever I choose gon’ start a melee.

“I feel like everyone is at a good place at this point,” he continued. “They understand we family. So it is what it is. We family, we always going to be family. You can’t change that.”

Also during the interview, Future talked about his new album WIZRD, why he decided to give up drinking lean and the new documentary he released about himself in coordination with Apple.

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