Just like that, little Chicago West is 1!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s baby girl celebrated her first birthday on Tuesday, 12 months after the couple welcomed their second daughter via a surrogate. In honor of baby Chi’s milestone, the family had a little celebration featuring her famous siblings.

Based on the photos shared on social media, the reality star family celebrated with gifts, treats and Alice in Wonderland decorations galore.

Kim turned her home into a magical wonderland, which she documented all over social media. The decorations, just like other birthday festivities, were unbeatable.

“Kim went all out for Chicago’s party and changed her house into a Disneyland/Alice & Wonderland theme. The decor is extreme and she’s really excited about it,” a source told E! News. “Kim wanted all of the cousins to dress in theme and Chicago has her own custom costume.”

The KKW Beauty owner’s home turned into a giant maze and guests were also greeted by Alice and the Queen of Hearts.

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