According to Radar Online, Kris offered her overweight son “loads of cash” to lose weight ahead of his re-debut on the show.

“Kris is bribing her son with millions of dollars to lose weight,” an insider told the site. “She told him that she will give him a half a million dollar increase for every 10 pounds he loses. He has been working out non-stop, and she is so proud of him because she really wants him to come back strong!”

The site added that he has apparently taken her up on her offer, as he’s reportedly been shedding a few pounds. The infamous momager also seems to be here for Rob getting back into the dating scene, as many recently saw him cozied up with Love & Hip Hop star Alexis Skyy.

“Kris is thrilled that Rob is getting back out there and dating again,” the source continued. “All she wants is for Rob to be happy.”

She reportedly already sees dollar signs, however, in the two’s seemingly budding romance.

“Needless to say, Kris would love it if the two of them are together when he starts filming because that would mean she could use their romance for ratings,” the insider added.

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