Two women have been rescued after being taken hostage at a UPS facility in New Jersey, a local prosecutor has said.

The women, both UPS employees, were not seriously injured during the hours-long standoff, Gloucester County Prosecutor Charles Fiore said at a news conference.

The suspect has been apprehended after the incident at the UPS processing facility in Logan Township.

The incident was reported between 8.30am and 9am on Birchcreek Road in Logan Township.

A Swat team was activated to head to the facility, with a number of police vehicles already outside.

“We cannot provide information about the identity of people involved at this time,” a UPS statement said.

One of the hostages had a prior relationship with the suspect, Mr Fiore said.

New Jersey State Police confirmed that both local and country authorities responded to the incident.

Local and county authorities have responded to an incident in Logan Township, Gloucester County. Media inquiries should be directed to those entities. #alert

— NJSP – State Police (@NJSP)

January 14, 2019

Employees were evacuated from the building, leaving only the two women and the suspect.

In an interview with local television station 6ABC, UPS employee Ashlee Erickson said: “Then there was a massive police presence as soon as we were walking out of the building, there were a good ten cop cars, they all had their guns drawn out heading toward the main entrance of the building,”

Logan Township Schools had been placed on a modified lockdown. School district officials said that all students and staff are safe.

There have been no other reports of injuries.

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