5 Surprising Benefits of the Great Outdoors

Here are five of the surprising benefits of spending time in the great outdoors.

5 Surprising Benefits of the Great Outdoors
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While most people realize that enjoying the outdoors is a perfect way to spend your time because of all the fun it brings, when you are outside, there are also many physical and mental health advantages that you can enjoy.

  1. 1 Encourages You to Be Active

    For some reason, exercising outside just feels easier than doing the same type of activity indoors. Any runner knows the freeing feeling of running outside compared to having to log the miles on a treadmill. There is something about the fresh air that encourages you to run a little longer and make the most out of your time exercising.

    Simply being surrounded by trees, grass, and other natural elements may have a positive psychological effect, helping you to power through your workout. You do not need to be enjoying good weather to see this benefit. Do not discount the power of bundling up and heading outside for a winter walk through a snowy wonderland.

  2. 2 Boosts Your Immune System

    Scientists have long touted the ability of Mother Nature to boost your body's natural immune system. Breathing in the chemicals produced by plants raises the level of white blood cells in the body, helping you to fight infections and disease in the process.

    In addition, the more that you are outside, the more vitamin D that your body will be able to absorb. This vitamin is essential for a variety of functions. Adequate levels of vitamin D ensure that your body is able to effectively absorb calcium while also reducing harmful inflammation. While you can find vitamin D in some foods, it is much easier to absorb it when it comes from sunlight.

  3. 3 Improves Your Mood

    It is no surprise to learn that spending time outside can instantly improve your mood. Your mental health benefits from the fresh air and calm that comes from being outside. For example, when you are immersing yourself in the beauty of the great outdoors while at the Maine campsites, you will instantly feel yourself begin to relax.

    In addition, it has been demonstrated that being outside can also help to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Even in the winter when the days are shorter and the temperatures are colder, spending time outside can lessen the severity of the symptoms of SAD. These symptoms include sadness, fatigue, and anxiety. By boosting the levels of serotonin in the body, you will feel calm and less anxious.

  4. 4 Enhances Creativity

    Suffering from writer's block? Trying to get motivated to start that next project? Try spending a little time outside to see if that helps. Many people find that stepping outside can get the creative juices flowing.

    There is something about a simple change of scenery that can drastically enhance your levels of creativity. The benefit is expanded further if you are committed to spending an extended amount of time outside. For example, getting off of the grid and heading out for a camping trip will leave you feeling motivated and refreshed when you return.

  5. 5 Regulates Sleep Schedules

    There is a direct correlation between the amount of natural sunlight that your body sees each day and how well you sleep at night. When your body's natural circadian rhythm is disrupted, your sleep patterns are also thrown into a state of chaos.

    Being proactive about getting outside first thing in the morning will expose your body to natural light. In turn, this exposure will help to regulate your body's internal clock. It is also a good idea to try to get outside during the afternoon to send the signal to your body that it should still be powering through the natural awake cycles. This regulation will make it easier for you to fall asleep at night. It is easy to understand how getting consistently good sleep can deliver significant health benefits.

    All five of these benefits point to how being purposeful about spending more time outside can make you a healthier and happier person. You owe it to yourself to be intentional about harnessing the beauty of the great outdoors for your benefit.

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