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A Role In Life from the Routines of Life

Throughout human existence, there have never been a standard to which one must live, however humans are destined to become victims of recurring routines. One...
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African American Heritage: African American Protest During World War II

Half a million African Americans served in Europe during World War II but regardless of the number, they faced mounting racial discrimination by those they serve with.

African American Heritage: African Americans During The Great Depression

In the early 20th century, African Americans wanted to escape the oppressive south for places where they can have economic and social freedoms.  This was known as the The Great Migration.

African American Heritage: The Harlem Renaissance

African American culture during the early 20th century was deeply rooted in societal restrictions that deprive them of self-worth, pride, self-esteem and a sense of community in southern states.

African American Heritage: The Significance of the Brown vs The Board of Education

During the early 20th century majority of American society was racially segregation base on part to the 1896 Supreme Court ruling of Plessy vs. Ferguson that set the precedence for the “separate but equal” argument that made it okay for state and federal governments to implement discriminatory laws that segregate blacks from whites in all public places, in addition to private institutions.

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Intel member: Trump-Putin meeting ‘not normal’

House intelligence committee member Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) tells CNN's Erin Burnett that President Trump's solo meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin was...