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North Korea soldier shot while defecting at DMZ to South

He was wounded escaping via the Demilitarised Zone, one of the world's most fortified borders.

France to reassess child sex laws after controversial cases

It comes after charges of rape were dismissed against men who had sex with 11 year olds.

Ayumi Hamasaki offends South Korean fans during live concert with Japanese war flag

For some, the painful memories of World War II remain fresh in their minds. Ayumi Hamasaki was the reigning queen of J-Pop in the...

Bat soup in Palau is pretty intense

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that goes for meals as well. Palau is regarded as one of the most naturally beautiful...

Japanese politician apologizes for saying serial killer was “heavily influenced by anime”

House of Councilors member made comment following discovery of nine dismembered bodies. In late October, Takahiro Shiraishi was arrested after nine bodies were discovered...

Japanese company tries to create motivational poster, accidentally creates demotivational poster

It has to be happy because of the rainbows and smiles. I’ll never forget one of the strangest sights at the Tokyo office I worked...

Osaka man arrested after sharing futon with dead girlfriend’s body for five nights

”I didn’t know what to do,” says suspect of his unwise decision. On morning of November 9, officers from the Osaka Prefectural Police Department’s Hirakata...

Fullmetal Alchemist prequel manga’s cover, plot details revealed in runup to live-action film

Original creator of anime/manga hit hopes to please veteran fans and franchise newcomers alike. The release of the live-action theatrical adaptation of hit anime/manga Fullmetal...

Bold as brass: Trombonists take over last-train, earn Twitter fans and critics【Video】

Video of band performing on a train goes viral, prompts debate on public performances. Taking the last train of an evening, before the trains stop...

Creator of anime Your Name says he’s “not really that interested” in Hollywood live-action...

Makoto Shinkai’s anime is unabashedly emotional, but the director sounds like a detached dad when discussing his mega-hit baby’s next step. It’s been a...

“Where are the normal men?” A Japanese woman tells of five online dating woes

How far will today’s 30-something single ladies go to find love in Japan? Online dating can be a hellish experience, but in these modern, impersonal...

Three shojo manga/anime scenes Japanese survey respondents wish would happen to them

Kabe-don wall pound make the list, but isn’t the number-one fantasy. In contrast to the often-superpowered adventures of series tailored to the tastes of young...

Catalonia crisis: Sacked ministers held by Madrid court

Eight former government members are remanded in custody over the push for independence.

New great ape species identified in Indonesia

The apes in question were only reported to exist after an expedition into Sumatra mountains in 1997.

Gender equality gap worsens for women – World Economic Forum

A study says it has widened over the past year - and will now take women 100 years to close the gap.

New York truck attack: Trump urges death penalty for Sayfullo Saipov

Legal commentators suggest the president's execution calls could affect chances of a fair trial.

Compassion over Chinese mother’s ‘mercy killing’

Social media users react with compassion as a woman of 83 is sentenced for killing her disabled son.

Rohingya crisis: Myanmar’s Suu Kyi visits troubled Rakhine

Myanmar's leader makes her first trip to the state since a mass exodus of Rohingya Muslims.

India uncles get life for raping niece, aged 10

Two men convicted of raping and impregnating their 10-year-old niece are jailed for life in India.

Bin Laden raid: Son Hamza’s wedding video in CIA file release

Video of the wedding of Bin Laden's favourite son is among half a million files released by the CIA.

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