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Australia’s warmest winter ‘driven by climate change’

A leading climate group has said Australians could continue to get warmer winters in coming years.

Some Auckland petrol stations run out of fuel after burst pipe

Flights have also been cancelled after a damaged pipeline disrupted supplies to the city.

Nigeria’s Amina Yuguda wins BBC World News Komla Dumor award

Nigerian journalist Amina Yuguda is the third winner of the BBC World News Komla Dumor award.

Food in a fragile world

Helping communities feed themselves during political and environmental instability.

UK ‘biggest audience’ in Europe for jihadist web content

Britain is the fifth-biggest audience in the world for extremist content, a study finds.

How Chilean fishermen adapted to protect marine life

Chilean fishing communities tell how their lives changed after their waters became a marine reserve.

Why is ‘Blue Whale’ hysteria gripping India?

Panic over the rumoured 'suicide challenge' grips India even as internet experts call it a hoax.

The world’s least likely Girl Guides

During six years of war, these Girl Guides have kept learning to camp, sing songs and change tyres.

China hit by financial scam ‘epidemic’

Low levels of education have fuelled the spread of illegal and harmful pyramid schemes in rural China.

Fully electric cars face life stuck in the slow lane

Electric cars have had a lot of publicity recently, but petrol and diesel engines are far from dead yet.

‘We survived Irma but don’t have money for food’

Miami dodged much of Irma's wrath but the aftermath of the storm has been devastating for the city's poor.

Stanislav Petrov, who averted possible nuclear war, dies at 77

Ex-Soviet officer Stanislav Petrov reported a possible 1983 US missile launch as a false alarm.

Emmys 2017: Reese Witherspoon hails ‘incredible year’ for women on TV

Reese Witherspoon says "it's been an incredible year for women on television" at this year's awards.

Chinese sex doll rental service suspended amid controversy

A Chinese firm offering sex dolls for rent pulls the service after criticism from authorities.

Uber sorry for ‘Wife Appreciation Day’ promotion

The company urged customers to "let your wife take a day off from the kitchen".

Nigeria’s Boko Haram crisis: Zannah Mustapha wins UN award

Zannah Mustapha helped to negotiate the Chibok girls' release and runs a free school for displaced children.

Scotland’s oldest snow patch expected to melt

Known as the Sphinx, the patch of snow is thought to have melted only six times in the last 300 years.

Fashion at the Emmys

We check out the best-dressed stars at this year's Emmy TV Awards.

Taiwanese cafe fulfills customer requests with amazingly accurate 3-D custom latte art

Just show them any image and the baristas will recreate them using just frothy milk foam. Using milk foam as a canvas, skilled baristas...

Chinese manufacturers already hard at work making iPhone X misuse prevention tools

Several vendors are applying a “sell first, ask questions later” approach to business strategy. It certainly seems that iPhone announcements aren’t what they used to...

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