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Startling video from Japan shows beheaded fish’s body is not ready to rest in...

Skipped step in the food prep process leaves fish looking shockingly alive. In Japan, fish are commonly prepared for consumption through a method called ikejime. In simple terms, a spike is inserted into the fish’s brain, and if done correctly brain death is instantaneous, and by extension essentially painless. Ikejime is also much quicker than […]

Japanese interior brand Muji opening its first hotel ever in the heart of Tokyo

All furniture and amenities will be items from the beloved brand’s catalog. Mujirushi Ryohin, also known as simply Mujirushi or Muji, is a Japanese company that sells…well, just about everything. With a full range of affordable yet high-quality interior goods, including furniture, linens, drapes, and appliances, you could furnish just about your entire home with items […]

Beautiful Taiwanese sisters astound the world with their youthful good looks【Photos】

With their mother also looking unbelievably young, Taiwanese media are calling them “the family of frozen ages”. Ageing gracefully is something we all aspire to, but for some of us, all the anti-ageing creams in the world can’t hide the onset of fine lines and wrinkles that reveal our true age as we get older. […]

W.T.F. Japan: Top 5 kanji with ironic meanings【Weird Top Five】

It would just be silly if the kanji for “strong” had “weak” in it… right? Honestly, considering most kanji were created thousands of years ago in an ancient Asian culture, it’s amazing how many of them still make a decent amount of sense today to foreign learners. For example, you have kanji like 人 (hito, […]

Elf Earphones from Japan are an awesomely affordable choice for lovers of fantasy and...

Is this why they say elves can hear the melody of the wind? Japan’s Thanko is a company that defies easy introduction, but perhaps the most succinct description is that it’s a novelty technology company, specializing in gadgets that fall at myriad points along the spectrum between crazy enough to work and just crazy. Many […]

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Shentimental | Official Trailer | Upcoming Marathi Movie 2017 | Ashok...

Presenting to you the Official Trailer of upcoming Marathi movie "Shentimental" (शेन्टीमेंटल ). Releasing on 28th July 2017. Movie : "Shentimental" ...